Sunday, 3 October 2010

BioniX and things

What has been happening over the past year or so?
Aircreation launched the new trike called the Skypper at Blois this year, more about that later.
The Bionix is now a year old since the first sightings at Blois last year. The first service bulletin was issued at the end of July this year.
The problem stems from the plastic fairings that cover the A frame and kingpost. The velcro on the trailing edges of these fairings is not strong enough and can part. This leads to a very severe vibration trough the control bar at certain speeds.

The factory may have designed new fairings, and they are available for existing owners with the old fairings fitted.
I have had a few conversations with Tanarg pilots in the USA asking why Aircreation do not answer emails. The response is that I do not know! I don't work for Aircreation, but happen to know that they are having problems with the email at their end, a solution may be in the pipeline - watch this space.
If you need to contact the factory then phone them on a weekday morning and you should speak to Gabriel, who speaks English. Another option is to send a fax. Their numbers are on their website at


Mike flying in Phuket said...

That doesn't sound good about the fairings. I'm still trying to buy a BioniX but J-L has not replied to my emails in which I ask for account details of where to pay the money!! I've been emailing one of their test-pilots to ask if J-L is at work/on holiday/ill? I still have no response. So it's not just you who's being ignored :)

Juanames said...

Hey, this is a nice blog, let's keep t alive!

I met Jean Luc at Blois. He was looking pretty much alive and very enthusiastic about the new Skypper.

But since then he haven't been answering my emails as well. I am very keen on buying a Skypper/Bionix trike powered by an 80hp 912.

I will probably call them next week, or the week after to arrange a visit to Aubenas. If I get to know something I will let you know...

Happy flying!


madman said...

OK, reference the email problems.
Jean-Luc is there, I have just spoken to him on the phone. It seems the factory are having the email problems at their end. They will try and come up with a solution, and that will be advertised on this blog when it is sorted.
Mike, JL has replied to your emails but his answers do not seem to be getting through to you. I would suggest using the phone (0033 475 936666) or fax (0033 475 350403) for the time being.
Juanames, The same solution goes for you at the moment, I am afraid. The production of the Skypper does not start till November and the factory are making minor improvements to the machine before then. The BioniX Skypper is really nice to fly by the way.