Thursday, 22 October 2009

AirCreation website update

The factory website has now been updated to give more English language content. the link is AC English website.
If you click on the part that reads "Corset presentation English A4" You will see the technical description of the corset in .pdf format.
The "CTP BioniX_en" now has imperial performance measurements as well as metric.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

BioniX FAQ on the Aircreation website

I have been asked many times about the technical details on the BioniX wing, but have not been able to answer everything without detailed information. The factory have also recognised that there are people in the English speaking world who want to know more, so they have created a FAQ page on their website for those of us who do not speak fluent French.
Here is the link
Mike in Thailand, please note; do not believe everything that you read about topless wings, they are a fad.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bionix is the name of excellence!

Since the Blois show, my wife and I have been beside ourselves with excitement about the Bionix. I have not yet had the chance to fly the wing, but will do so on the "come and try it" day that Aircreation has arranged at the begining of November.
The first wings are going to be produced for dealers and instructors, so individuals, like me, will have to wait till early next year to take delivery.
At first there will be little colour choice as the factory produces enough wings to suit demand, but the yellow stripe on the under surface can be had in red for the two different Tanarg colour schemes. I would expect later production to offer the fantastic designs that the Ixess range of wings offers, but there is no firm information on this option at the moment.
Having spoken to a number of people who have flown the wing, it is very spectacular. A good description can be seen on the English part of the Aircreation website here.

The fast/slow handle

This wing can be adjusted by turning the handle on the right hand upright. As it is adjusted from slow to fast, the wing changes, and I am told that one turn makes it feel a different wing!
Vortex inducers

The inboard leading edge supports "vortex inducers" along the top edge. These will ensure that the top surface maintains its profile at all speeds and will make sure that the boundary layer effect of the air does not break away from the surface.
On the underside of the outer leading edge are what Aircreation calls "pressure valves", my aviation background makes me think that these would come into play at higher speeds and let the pressure differences equalise between the top, bottom and internal surfaces of the wing, therefore giving more stability.
I understand that turbulence has very little effect on this wing at high or low speed, and I am told that when flying in the low speed range, at all up weight, the wing is docile and light. It can land at extremely low speeds when loaded to 472kgs!
To see some of the pictures of the wing from the Blois show, go to Av8magazine and read the atricle, you will have to register at the site.