Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The oil cooler kit has arrived!

The oil cooler kit is now here. It looks a very good quality and is larger than the old one. It came with the drawings that you see in the photos, and all the bit to fit it.
In the first picture you can see that one of the oil pipes is attached, that is because the attachments that were with it are ear clamps rather than jubilee clips. I did some research on the web and decided to use these as opposed to fitting jubilee clips.
This second picture shows one of the drawings that came with the kit. They are very high quality drawings and are a far cry from the aircraft engineering drawings that I have used all of my life. I also have photos of the kit installed on a trike at the factory which will help.
This last photo shows the complete kit.
I will get around to fitting the modification kit over the next few weeks. This morning I received another parcel from the factory containing the small spoilers to fit beside the water radiator, which were free of charge, thank you Aircreation.