Sunday, 24 July 2011

What has been happening at Aircreation

Once again we are coming up to September. Many pilots know that this is the time for the biggest microlight show in Europe - Blois.
Aircreation will be there, as they always are, with a range of their products.
One thing that will be there is the Nuvix wing. This wing is the little brother of the BioniX wing, without the winglets, the vortex inducers and the pressure valves. It is meant for the lower powered trikes and the whole speed range is lower than the BioniX as is the VNE. The good news for many Aircreation owners is that this wing will fit the pre Skypper and Tanarg trikes, giving owners of the older machines the chance to fly a wing with a corset. This will breath new life into older machines.
It is also thought that the new podded version of the Skypper trike could be at Blois. The open version is fine for the general weather that we have in the south of France, but the version with a pod would suit pilots in colder climates.
Aircreation will, as always, have various trike, wing and engine options at the show for prospective customers to fly.
More details of the products can be found at