Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My very own BioniX

Flew the BioniX again today and I am blown away with the capabilities of the wing. It was a thermic day, but was not difficult flying, the wing handles the thermals much better than any wing I have ever flown before. The only other wing that I remember was better than most in these conditions, was the old Raven wing.
After racing around the sky at decent speeds, I set it up into the slow position for landing. I would think that the touchdown speed was not much more than 30 mph (50 kmh) and did not have the slightest hint of a stall. After touchdown I applied the three hydraulic disk brakes that my Tanarg is fitted with and stopped in about 20 metres. That was with 2 people and around 30 litres of fuel aboard - amazing.

Those who can see this blog are the chosen few at the moment, it will be open for all again in a couple of months.