Saturday, 29 August 2009

The BioniX is here

We went to the Blois microlight trade show today for the official viewing of the BioniX wing. Not only have Aircreation released a technical masterpiece, but a few other things were worth noting too.

The BioniX is not designed to be the fasted wing on the market, but the most versatile. At maximum take off weight of the Tanarg BioniX combination (472kg), the wing is designed to offer fantastic slow speed handling. The stall speed at that weight is still only around 37 mph!

The BioniX design has a "Corset" built in that is capable of changing the profile of the wing from slow to fast and back again with a control on the A frame.
This is a major safety factor in that whatever the weight of the trike, an engine failure will still leave perfect slow speed handling for a short field landing.

The batton tips are also a new design. Gone is the old "bits of string" idea that has been used in all flexwing microlights up till now. In comes a new over center clip, which makes life easier.

Another new thing is that the Tanarg can now be seen in different colour schemes. Aircreation has had the gold version for a while as their factory demonstrator, but at the show there was a very nice black machine fitted with the BioniX wing, as can be seen in the top picture.

My next step is to test fly the new wing as soon as I get the chance and write a full flight test, before I place my order.

Click on the pictures to see a bigger clearer picture.


Mike flying in Phuket said...

Are those vortex generators on the wing? I'm very keen to know what it flies like and, what difference it makes to cruising speed? OK she lands 3 mph slower than an iXess 13 and that's a great feature but, what about the other end of the spectrum? Have AC released any numbers regarding performance?

I like that black Tanarg:)

Roy said...
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Roy said...

Square meters?

The suspense is killing me.

Will this work on an ol Clipper? I still have an Xp15 and was about to order an iXess 13, then saw this blog ;).