Wednesday, 8 December 2010

BioniX is selling

The BioniX wing seems to be selling all over the place.
Mike in Thailand is waiting for his to be delivered. I will be be happy when he gets it as he has made some great flying videos, that will be even better with a wider speed range. See his videos on his blog at
Henry, in the US has had his delivered. Henry is another great video maker and editor. Henrys videos can be watched on
My mate Derek came over from the UK this summer to visit. He very kindly brought me a years supply of PG Tips tea bags (can't get them in France), so as a reward I took him for a BioniX flight. He ordered his within a week! He is flying it in New Zealand this very day. He still has his Tanarg/iXess in the UK, but that is because the BioniX is still not certified in the UK.
I have not heard back from the factory about the fuel gauge option. My email must be another of those that have disappeared into the ether!

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