Sunday, 22 November 2009

Flight test day

We flew the Tanarg/BioniX combination last week on Thursday. After lunch Franck, the instructor, took my wife for a flight in the back seat. She loved the machine and had great fun when Franck turned the engine off in flight.
Note how slow the BioniX is capable of flying, and how Franck can push the bar out to the front strut on the approach without any fear of the wing stalling.


Mike flying in Phuket said...

Very nice Bob - what's it like to fly?

nwtraderjim said...

Hi When are we going to see a demo of the new wing in this UK!
I have already built & flew a Tanarg but never been happy about the derigging of the wing.When you have pig pens and need two to take and fold the wing it's just a pain.I have been calling for some type of de rigging tool same as Quik so come on Paul I asked you about this 3 years ago but fell on deaf ears? Jim